Where does my food come from?

A unit sponsored and funded by the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

Ever wondered, "Where does my food come from?"

Well today you will find out! Come join us for interactive read alouds, cooking tutorials and even interviews from California farmers.

Teachers- feel free to use this in your classroom too!

Thank you to all you contributed to this fantastic project!


All books were purchased from Ruby's Bookstore in Folsom, CA

Read alouds and Tutorials

Janell Pomeroy

Paisley Hatheway

CA Farmers

Roger Zittel, Folsom

Adam Shaner

Zittel Farms Tour

Folsom, CA

Roger Zittel

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes

Adam Shaner, CA Farmer at Quail H. Farms

Read aloud #1:

Read aloud #2:

Read aloud #3:

Cooking Sweet Potatoes Nachos Tutorial

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