Ready to get save some time?

As a teacher, you know that time is one of your MOST valuable resources.  

The time we have with our students is limited.  The time you dedicate to your job and your family, is important.  The time you COMMIT to yourself, is also super important.  

That's why we savor and and look forward to those moments such as recess or a prep period.  While we know we can't expect to be given extra time, the next best thing is to become more efficient in HOW we use our time.  Enter- The Backwards Planning Method Class.  

LEARN how to

  • plan efficiently
  • cut out excess curriculum
  • centralize essential standards
  • assess only what you teach

ABOUT the class

  • walk through planning the process together
  • align with your curriculum
  • start your end of unit assessment
  • Q & A with Laura

Ready to save some time?

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Wednesday, February 3

4:00 pm PCT


Backwards Planning LIVE Class