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The Parent Portal is a free group where parents can learn the best strategies and ways to support their students during pandemic schooling.

LIVE webinars and tutorials give you practical ways to help your student in math, reading, and writing and in boosting their confidence.

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1-on-1 Tutoring

Kindergarten - 8th grade

Individualized lessons to meet a student's specific needs and academic areas.

Targeted instruction that moves at the student's pace created with your child's needs in mind and works around YOUR schedule.

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Our customers love us

"Emily has come leaps and bounds since working with Laura! She WANTS to read to us every night."

- Erin (Cohort Parent: Folsom, CA)

"I have to say, almost everyday, Hazel says “Oh Miss Laura showed me a trick how to do this!” It’s awesome. She really connects with you and your style."

- Holly (Cohort Parent: Clovis, CA)

"Laura does magical things when it comes to math and my daughter's confidence."

- Ashley (1-on-1 tutoring parent: Folsom, CA)